Sponsored by Lazarus Partners Charities and Brendan Wood International

Honouring Outstanding Achievement in Canadian Business and Finance

A Fusion of Performance and Philanthropy

March 4, 2010, 6:30 pm
Royal Ontario Museum
By Invitation Only - Black Tie
Valet Parking

Lazarus started as a grass roots event within Brendan Wood International. Each year, the firm's partners sent cheques to employees suppliers and friends with the simple request that they "give the Lazarus money to a cause close to their hearts without restriction, any all religious and secular charities chosen by our friends were in". Lazarus still promotes this idea for any individual company. In fact, Lazarus Partners now offer assistance and support to other companies who wish to instal that Lazarus program which became such an inspiration to so many at Brendan Wood over the years. In 2007, after almost thirty years of giving, Lazarus deliberately narrowed the spectrum of it's research into charities. The purpose of so doing was to be able to select and "recommend" some explicit choices to others, to open up the Lazarus partnership campaign to a limited number of charities who met the direst and most indisputable urgencies and to better leverage the expertise of our small group. Now Lazarus Partners seek out humanitarian organizations which operate at the" life and death nexus, effectively saving lives". This sharper focus enables the group to better manage it's volunteer resources and meaninfully quantify it's efforts. While the original grass roots campaign continues at Brendan Wood and hopefully at other Lazarus partner companies in future, there is a now a core group of organizations which effectively save lives in situations of urgent need. While the Lazarus Partnership also supports many community, medical research, long term prevention and support based initiatives each year, lifesaving is the basic focus of Lazarus' research and investigation.

Monday, March 8, 2010

PRESS RELEASE – Monday March 8, 2010

The TopGun Black Tie Ball 2010 a Resounding Success!

"The TopGun Black Tie Ball 2010 held at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto last Thursday evening was a resounding success" said Henry S. Brenzel, Chairman of the Event Organizing Committee. "The TopGun Ball got high marks for an outstanding venue, cocktail hour, TV/media coverage and food and wine. All the TopGun award winners were excited to be feted. We are delighted that, including thirty silent pledges, the objective of $175,000 was surpassed and there is still some giving going on so we may meet the “dream objective” of $250,000".

Link to http://www.flickr.com/photos/48126975@N03/?saved=1 for great photos of the event.